Welcome to First Baptist Church North Myrtle Beach! We know that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating, sometimes confusing, and even overwhelming. We want you to have the information you need so that when you come, you will have a great worship experience. If you do not find the answers you need, please call our office at (843) 249-2448 or email us at office@fbcnmb.com with any questions or concerns.

Meeting Times
8:30 am-Traditional Worship
9:45 am-Contemporary Worship
11:00 am-Traditional Worship

The 9:45 am service is located in the Family Life Center. The style of music is more contemporary, utilizing drums, guitars, and many modern songs you might know from Christian radio.

The 8:30 am and 11:00 am services are held in the sanctuary (located under the steeple). These services are more traditional in their style of music. Hymns are sung by the congregation.

What do people wear?
We do not have a dress code. We welcome all peoples, cultures and backgrounds. Some attendees dress formally (suits and ties), while others are more relaxed (blue jeans). Many will be dressed somewhere in-between. Dress in a way you will feel comfortable, and please do not feel pressured to dress a certain way. We only ask that you dress modestly.

When You Arrive
You will enter the parking lot from one of three possible entrances-6th Avenue S., 2nd Avenue S., or turning directly off of Highway 17. Parking spaces are found all around the facility. If attending the 9:45 service, it will be a closer walk if you park in the rear and enter through the double glass doors. Wheelchair accessible ramps are found here: https://www.fbcnmb.com/wheelchair-accessible-entrances.

Visitor’s Parking
We have spaces assigned for our visitors to use for their first 3 visits.

  • You will find the spaces for the 8:30 and 11:00 services in the parking lot on the North side in front of the sanctuary. This is the lot that is accessible from 2nd Avenue South.
  • The 9:45 service has spaces near the main back entrance in the rear parking area. They are across from the double glass doors.

When You Enter
As you enter, you will be greeted by ushers. The ushers will not seat you, so feel free to sit anywhere you like. You will likely be greeted by others. We hope you feel welcome.

Worship Service
Each service will last about one hour. The messages are based on a biblical text. The version of the Bible the pastor uses is the New American Standard. You may use any translation you would like (although it is not mandatory to have a Bible with you), and if you prefer, you may read the Bible from an App on an electronic device.

You will not be singled out. You will not be called on to read or to pray. We ask visitors to fill out a card, but this is not mandatory. It is a great way for us to get to know you and we would be grateful to have a record of your visit. These cards are located on the entrance tables near the baskets and may be placed in the offering basket.

At the end of the service there will be an invitation. This is a time when listeners are invited to respond to the message by believing what God has revealed and committing to follow God’s leadership. As an act of surrender to God, some attendees like to kneel at the front of the church and pray. Others like for the pastor to pray with them. Coming forward is not necessary, and no one will pressure you to leave your seat.

The message will be centered on the gospel. The word “gospel” means Good News! It is the news about how to be in a right relationship with God. This happens when one turns by faith to Jesus for salvation. Jesus is the Son of God who is perfect in every way. Because of sin, there is a separation between God and man. Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin’s debt and to satisfy the wrath of God. He then arose on the third day. When one trusts in Jesus, God applies Jesus payment to that persons account, making the way to be at peace with God.

There are often non-Christians who attend the services. Occasionally, as the good news about Jesus is shared, the gospel message will impact one in such a way that he or she may want to become a Christian. At the time of invitation, anyone desiring to trust in Jesus for salvation who feels the need for guidance is encouraged to respond by coming to the pastor.

Our children’s ministries are staffed by a fantastic team of adult volunteers. They provide a safe and secure place in which the Bible is taught and fun activities are enjoyed. However, if you feel more comfortable having your children with you in church, this option is absolutely acceptable and we would enjoy having them there.

Nursery-The 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am services provide child care through age 2. The room number is B102.

Sunday School-begins at 9:45. Classes for PreK-6th grade are located upstairs in a section known as “God’s Space.” The stairs are located in the hallway behind the sanctuary. The room numbers are:
3 & 4 yrs  – A207
K5- Grade 1 – A206
Grades 2-3 – A200
Grades 4-6 – A203

Children’s Church is offered during the 11:00 am service in the Children’s Church Room (Room C208). This room is located at the top of the exterior stairs in the Family Life Center breezeway near the playgrounds.

Adult Sunday School
Sunday School is at 9:45. Most will come to Sunday School entering from the parking lot closest to 6th Avenue South. Enter through the double doors near the small playground. The sign by the door says “Nursery, Classrooms and God’s Space”.

To get to Sunday School from the Sanctuary, exit the Sanctuary behind the drums, turn right and then turn left at the end of the hall. As soon as you go down the stairs or ramp, make a left and follow the hallway past the nursery. Most of the Adult Sunday School classes are on the hallway just past the nursery. The In Focus Sunday School class is located in the choir room in the hallway in between the Sanctuary and the nursery.

The classes and room numbers are:
Adult Workers – B105
Faith, Hope & Love – B110
Friends In Christ – B103 & B104
In Focus – C108 (Choir Room)
Kindred Spirits – B106
New Beginnings – B100 (Fellowship Hall)

There is also an adult Sunday School class at 11:00 am for those who attend the 9:45 service.

The class and room number are:
Connect Class – B100 (Fellowship Hall)

Bathroom Facilities
These are located in the hallway behind the sanctuary, through the doors behind either the piano or the drums. Turn right and they will be beyond the offices on your left.

For the 9:45 service, bathrooms are located in the back of the gym area, opposite the side entrance. Also, there are bathrooms in the hall to the right as you approach the double glass doors in the main entrance area.