Mark Galbreath

There were many Godly influences in my upbringing. I remember my mom and grandmother playing the piano for me as I sang in front of the church, almost as soon as I was able to walk. However, I wasn’t saved until I left for the University of Florida and became the Music and Media Intern at my church. I was running sound for a youth event when the guest speaker began to tell his story. He had grown up in church and was in a church leadership position in college when he realized that he had been living his parents’ religion and had never personally given his life to Christ. I realized he was telling my story. So the next morning, I prayed in my college pastor’s office, asked the Lord to forgive MY sins, and began a personal walk with Him as my Savior. Shortly after that time, I surrendered to a clear calling into the ministry.

While at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, I met my future partner in life, Allison. We were married, graduated, and began our full-time ministry together in 1999. In 2006, we were blessed to increase our family when we adopted 2 amazing Ukrainian children, Alexander and Zoya.

What drives me in ministry is watching people become deeper worshippers of God in both corporate and personal worship. Through education and experience, I desire to help others find their gifts in music and the arts and help them find their place of service within the local church. Throughout our ministry, Allison and I found ourselves gravitating towards the Seniors Adults. We, quite often, played the part of “chaperones” on many of their adventures. In 2013, I was offered the opportunity, alongside my Worship Pastor ministry, to become the Senior Adult Pastor at the church I was serving. I believe as a Worship Pastor, it is very important that we reach all generations in our corporate worship. Spending time with our “experienced” members, getting to know their hearts, and finding out their hopes, desires, and fears, helps me to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit while not leaving anyone behind.

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