In the same way, deacons are to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain.

Deacon Gift Based Ministry

Hospital Visitation Team: This team makes a personal contact to hospital patients for the purpose of encouragement, prayer and spiritual blessing. The aim is at least one visit per week from this team to any member of the church or prospect that is experiencing hospitalization. Devotionals and other literature may be brought, but a short friendly visit including a time of prayer is the focus.

Homebound and Nursing Home Team: This team makes a periodic visit with members of the church confined to their home or residing in a nursing home facility because of age, illness, or other infirmity. The purpose of the visit is to inform them of church news, to share spiritual blessings, to discover practical needs, and to prayerfully support each church member. The team offers to serve communion each time the church observes the Lord’s Supper.

Grief Recovery Team: This team gives personal support during the time of death in the church family. Contacts may include visits to the family before the funeral, visits to the funeral home or contacts at home after the funeral. The purpose is to express compassion from the church body to the family facing grief.

New Member Orientation (Assimilation)/Member Reclamation Team: This team visits or contacts new members to inform them about the church and its ministry. This contact may include the invitation to various activities of the church and offers help in assisting new members to become involved in the activities of the church. Members who have stopped attending will also be visited.

Prospective/Evangelism Visitation Team: This team meets once a week and visits prospects for the church. Responsibilities include promotion and enlistment of others to assist as well as making visits. Evangelism is the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are not believers. Responsibilities include developing witness training opportunities and coordinating witnessing efforts within the community.

Family Services/Kings Karpenters Team: This team determines the needs of members that are unable to keep up maintenance of their homes due to poor health, age or finances. The work is to be done within the talents and abilities of team members working with the present Kings Karpenters group.

Security Team: This team works for the safety and protection of members while they are present in the church facilities. Responsibilities include protection from crime and protection from physical injury caused by physical problems in the buildings and on the grounds. Traffic problems are also addressed if needed. This team administers the security program adopted by the church.

Leadership Development Team: This team trains deacons in the various aspects of deacon ministry to keep them informed and equipped for ministry and spiritual leadership. This team will be responsible for deacon retreats as well as short term training courses. They also inform the deacons of training opportunities.

Transportation Team: This team provides transportation for church members who do not have the means or are unable to get to and from the services of the church. Transportation is provided by the deacons and other church members.