And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

John 14:13 (NIV)

Lifeguard Dinners

Lifeguard Missions

There is an opportunity for a short term International or North American missions right here in North Myrtle Beach. It’s for visitors or locals, churched or unchurched – it’s interaction with lifeguards. YOU can be a missionary, on our beach, by walking up to a lifeguard with a cold drink of water and a snack. Tell the person that YOU are a Christian and are bringing them a cold drink and snack because Jesus said, “…when you do it in my name….it’s the same as if you did it for ME…” If you’re not brave enough to say words about Jesus, just take a drink and snack! (They love your extra motel goodies, too.) Take the time to THANK them for looking after you and your loved ones.

2014 North Strand Lifeguard Supper Summary

2014 was a great summer for the Lifeguard/Beach Service Suppers! We added an extra supper this year for a total of 11. Many thanks to those who helped with the monetary donation to make it happen! We served over 900 suppers to guys and girls from nine states and two countries. In years past, we have had many states represented, but this year most of the USA kids were from our area. The two countries represented were Czech Republic (30+) and Slovakia (7).

Thank you First Baptist North Myrtle Beach for providing the fellowship hall each Tuesday night and the four Sunday School Class, Friends In Christ, Kindred Spirits, In Focus and Faith Hope and Love, for four suppers! Also, thank you to Wampee Baptist, Buck Creek Baptist, Faith Baptist (Aynor), Jamestown Baptist (Conway), North Strand Community Church, Living Water Baptist and the North Myrtle Beach Optimist for providing wonderful meals.

Once again, McDonalds gave a coupon (140) for every worker! These were coveted prizes!

Several restaurants donated food, Applebees Neighborhood Grill, Logan’s Roadhouse, Outback Steak House, Sticky Fingers BBQ, The Grill House and The Shack. We appreciate you! We also would like to thank Domino’s for a big discount for our pizza party! 

Since we operate on a zero budget, we’d like to thank Friends In Christ, Adult Workers, Kindred Spirits and Faith, Hope and Love Sunday School classes for donations. Several individuals also made monetary donations: McSwain, Sapp, Plummer, Whitlach, and Reavis. We spent carefully and purchased prizes for suppers and took sandwich wraps to the NMB Lifeguards when they were competing in the Lifeguard Competition, which was held in NMB this summer. 

Many of you were faithful to take bottles of water and snacks to the beach for YOUR lifeguard. They do report to me when you do that! They are thrilled to be thanked. To those who prayed for safety on the beach – THANK YOU! We had many rescues this summer. Overall it was a safe summer. 

To our faithful helpers, John Gambrell, Matthew Gambrell, Gerald Smith, and Heather Holt, I couldn’t do it without you!

Don’t forget you can go to the church web site or facebook to view and copy photos. You can click on Ministries and then Lifeguard Dinners.


Beady C. Moore (The Church Lady)
North Strand Meal Coordinator